Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Collies and Chorkies just don't mix

Max, my Chihuahua mix pound rescue, finally passed away at the age of 16. Of course, I had to get a "replacement". After searching high & low for the perfect pup, I wandered into my favorite pet store one day, & lo and behold, there was a litter of Chorkie pups! Already having a housefull of girl dogs, I asked if there were any boys in the litter. Only one was a girl, so I had pretty much my pick of the litter! There was one boy who stood out. He seemed mellower than the rest, and had the biggest ears I have ever seen! He was also very short-haired. Only the girl shared his short-haired gene. In fact, his hair was so short, he was actually bald in some spots. I picked him up and, well, as any of you dog-lovers know, that was it. He was coming home with me. I found out from the pet store owner that the pups are CKC registerable, & have a "pedigree". I further found out that dad is a 4 lb. Yorkie, mom a 7lb Chihuahua/Xolo (Mexican Hairless), so that explains the baldness! I brought the pup home to meet his new family.

"Chuey Chimichunga" aka "Scooter"

This brings me to the next part of my story. It became apparent that Border Collies (well, this one anyway) are deathly afraid of small dogs buzzing around their feet! Collie didn't quite know what to do. She'd growl, puff out her lips (I've only known Rotties to do this lip puffing thing), dance around like she was trying to get away from the little guy, then act fascinated all at the same time. It's quite comical to see the biggest dog in the house react like the biggest baby! A couple of months later, the Collie still seems somewhat afraid, but at the same time wants to play with the little guy. She never tries to hurt him, but just doesn't seem to know what to make of such a tiny dog.

Lucy on the other hand, she is laboring under the delusion that she had a puppy, didn't know it, & I found him & brought him home to her. She loves the pup & from day one nurtured him like he was her own! She shows him things (like how to get out of the back yard), shares her food with him, presents him with bones, & sleeps with him! She even allowed him to try to "nurse" when we first brought him home.

Then there's Peanut. As we all know, Peanut is the Queen & can't be bothered with such things. So, in typical Queen fashion, she seemed disgusted by the little man, & treats him with disdain. Well, she is afterall, the Queen.

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BorderWars said...

Congrats on the new puppy, hopefully the Border Collie will eventually settle in with the new reality.