Sunday, July 5, 2009

Border Collie Update

Ha! As one reader noted, I am easily bored with blogging (lending truth to my profile). Truth is, I became sick shortly after creating this blog, & was out for the count for a couple of weeks. After that, things became insanely busy at work & so shamefully haven't blogged in some time.

Well, our Border Collie, Moon Unit, is now a 1 year old beauty. She loves tennis balls & frisbee, & is quite athletic & well-behaved (though she still tries to steal the cat food). And yes, she still has that foot fetish. Don't ask me why, but she has something against my feet & will nip at them if I move them in bed. So, sometimes she ends up in the crate.

I suppose I should post a few pics of the collie. We have reams of photos of her, you'd think she were our first-born child!

So, here it goes:

Collie "giving eye"...

Collie chasing frisbee...

And Collie's best friend, "Lucy", a pound rescue purported to be Basset & Terrier.

Since we got our Collie girl we have added a few new members to the fur-kid household :), & lost one. :(

On a recent adoption-blitz at the local pound, we acquired Lucy (pictured above), & Sunny, a Flame-point Siamese girl. Our beloved kitty, Hortense, met an untimely demise, and was replaced with a small solid black boy kitten...we just had to have 1 boy cat in the crowd! (Yes, Hortense was a boy). To watch the Collie interact with all these critters is an absolute hoot!

The Collie took 3 days to get used to "Lucy" (she didn't know what to make of her), but now the 2 are fast friends. As far as the Siamese goes, as Siamese typically do, Sunny rules the Collie with an iron paw. The two of them love to play, though, and you'll see the Siamese bat the Collie on the rump. This initiates the chase!

The Collie's reaction to the tiny kitten was quite a surprise....she is very gentle with the young kitty & also tries to get him to play with her, despite the size difference. The little kitten stands on the back of the couch & bats at the Collie, and does those little kitty sideways play hops. Good ol' Collie seems to be amused.

So "Moon Unit" is turning out to be quite the girl. She is my first Border Collie & I have to say that I am more pleased then ever!

One of these days I'll post a video of our girl, if I don't get too bored with my new camcorder in the meantime!

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BorderWars said...

I think it's time for you to post more about the life and times of Moonunit!